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February 27, 2015

Film Photography

Lily + Josh

Massive congratulations to Lily + Josh who got married yesterday.


February 15, 2015


a place to walk

One of our favourite places to walk, a secret hideaway and a little part of home for us.

A month of this year has already passed and I guess for some, January is one of those months, right at the very beginning of a New Year, that it’s hard not to make plans for and feel a little bit excited about.

We started this new year not with tons of new years resolutions but just a change of heart… and a shift in consciousness.

Instead of the weeks flying by with hundreds of well meaning and purposeful ideas materialising into well, not very much if were honest, we sat down somewhere between Christmas and New Year and wrote a list of everything and anything we wanted to happen this year, silly, practical, imaginative and wild.

This morning when I look back over the last four weeks, even though it seems like our usual muddle of activities, I can see that some of what we wrote has incredibly already happened.. and some have not… yet.

It’s very much a work in progress and at times I’ve found it really, really hard to focus with so much going on. I could say we’ve not exactly done it but also think it’s important to look back at the good stuff and write down what I’m grateful for managing to do. Someone once said to me to just take each hour at a time, and in each hour remind yourself of one good thing you did in that time. It works pretty well actually.

I prefer to think that we’re just starting out, and we’ll get better each day as it passes. ¬†We want to spend more time this year doing things with consideration, take care of ourselves and our families, make things, build some stuff, learn to write, paint a few walls, create some incredible work that challenges us, and breathe.

and the breathing happens here, there are no judgments happening here, just the freezing cold air on your skin and the trees. The sound of your feet crumpling the snow that’s frozen since it last fell at the weekend and a little bit of peace from the other stuff.

A place that it is a favourite of ours.

This is home outside our house.

February 3, 2015


Hollie + James

December 18, 2014



October 26, 2014