We never really know what to say for these things or how to start so…. rather than fluff it up with lots of extra words and wonderful things, we thought it would be easier to just write down what we love, in the hope that you’ll understand why we do this and why we love it! 

“we love……. morning light, music that makes your pants dance, chief the chocolate labrador, playing piano, succulents, Ash + Logan, banana’s, laughing till you cry, old film camera’s and polaroids, discovering new music, friends, early morning road trips to the beach, dark chocolate digestives, first cup of tea in the morning, good coffee, travelling to new places, William Morris, our mountain bikes, clear eyes, anything floral, innocence, noticing little details, family connections, Alfonzo Mucha, notebooks, the colour green, new shoes, old trainers, little fingers and little toes, light leaks, collections of things, geeking out on animal documentaries, Terence Malik films, open landscapes, the unexpected, going to the cinema, nice handwriting, expressions, accents, going to music gigs, sunday lunch at the in-laws, summer BBQ’s, swing ball tournaments and as you can probably imagine, much much more!

Our Photography in one way or another we’d like to say shows a little bit of all of the above…


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